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About Aveda

Aveda is a natural cosmetic brand using natural plant ingredients that are both good for people and the earth. World-acclaimed, they aim to pursue the "beauty and science born from pure flower and plant essences".

Royal Kaila Spa uses Aveda's products in its treatments.

What is Aveda

In Sanskrit, Aveda means "All knowledge". It was based on the world's oldest, traditional medicine called "Ayurveda", which was born in India and Sri Lanka, under the belief that we should not hurt the 'mother', which is a reference to Mother Earth.

All products are manufactured using the latest plant science technology.

Beginning of Aveda

Aveda began in Minneapolis, MN in 1978 with a simple, natural plant shampoo and grew into a global hair, skin, and body care brand.

Since its establishment, they have been pursuing the beauty and science of flower and plant essences. Such components are said to bring out the natural healing power of humans. It is now recognized as a leading company for environmental conservation now.

Aveda and the pursuit of beauty and health

Aveda draws out the power of plants using its advanced plant science and by sticking to the use of natural plant ingredients. Research on this natural healing power is done every day and can be seen in all of its products. Aveda strives to bring balanced beauty and lifestyle to its customers.

Aveda products

Aveda's been ranked as a top organic developer all over the world and its products are used in over 7,000 salons worldwide. Their best-selling hair care products care for pain right in the core of the hair, leading to hair that shines.

Their commitment to this approach has led to many parternerships and regoconition from numerous professionals.

Aveda's mission

Aveda wants to create a sustainable environment and aims to be a role model in environmental conversation worldwide. Continually doing what it can for the environment is the mission of Aveda.





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