Things to Avoid in Spa Services

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Things to Avoid in Spa Services

After receiving superb spa treatments, there are some things one can do that may put a damper on the effectiveness of treatment. This page will discuss some things to be aware of before and after going to the spa. Follow these points so you can get the most out of the experience.

Get Plenty of Sleep

The sleep hormone melatonin has strong antioxidant power, but it is only active at night and decreases in the morning. Therefore, getting plenty of rest to maximize the secretion of melatonin at night is essential. Try stopping any activity such as phone or computer use at least one hour before going to bed as your mind will still think it's day time. It's also good to lower the lighting in the room for the very same reason. Quality sleep is important in life, but it's very important for the day you go to the spa.

Treatments during Menstruation

While it is okay to receive treatments during menstruation, we actually discourage receiving treatments at that time. One of the main reasons is needing to care about menstrual breathing, but another reason is that spa massages promote circulation all at once and there are possibilities that you can actually worsen your condition more than help it.

Facials are also skin sensitive procedures, so it's best to avoid them as well.

However, after menstruation it actually becomes easier to lose weight with hormonal balance, so you can expect a better than usual slimming effect with a spa massage.

Avoid Cold Things

After sweating a lot in the spa, you'll probably want something cold. Hawaii is quite famous for shaved ice which you may want to pick up on the way back. However, it's no good to have any water or ice afer the procedure. You'll be able to cool down on your own at the spa, so refrain from anything cold for a while. If you need to drink something, try something warm or at the very least room temperature.

Food and Alcohol

Having any sort of alcohol before spa treatment is a big no. Your blood circuluation will change during treatment and if you are drunk, even just a little, you may get sick.

It's also discouraged not to have any meals for at least 2 hours after treatments. Metabolism is boosted and is around the same as it would be after exercise, so your body can absorb more. Eating during this time can make it easier to get fat.





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