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Day Spas and Resort Spas

While in Hawaii, going to a spa is a great way to relax. However, did you know that there are several kinds of spas? Do you know the differences among them? This article will discuss some of the differences.

Types of Spas

There are a wide variety of spas out there. The services they provide can range from beauty, relaxation, medical services, and fitness (among other services). Listed below are some types and their specialties.

-Destination Spas: These are specialized facilities providing spa services. They mainly focus on health and tend to offer programs for stress and fitness.

-Day Spa: As per the name, these spas services are done in a day and lodging isn't provided. In downtown Hawaii, there are lots of these.

-Resort Spas (Hotel Spas): Spa services (such as massage and beauty) are provided in addition to the luxurious facilities offered by the hotel.

-Medical Spas: These spas focus on healing through natural methods.

-Mineral Spas: Spas focusing on the use of natural hot springs.

-Club Spa: Spas that function like fitness clubs. One needs a membership to join.

Day and Resort Spas

Day spas are often found in urban areas and the menus/programs offered can be completed in a day. These spas are great for people who can't get many days off and just need a place to relax. Most who go to this kind of spa tend to do so throughout the year. Royal Kaila Spa is a day spa.

Resort spas are like hotels in that they provide many more facilities (examples include bathing, massages, beauty facilities, etc.). People can stay for several days and some have even stayed for several months.

Spas are great in that one can experience natural healing, the kind of healing not available at hospitals or other medical clinics.





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