The Effects of Massages

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The Effects of Massages

Massages have been a reward for one's self for those wanting to heal their mind and body from all the hardships of every day work. However, did you also know that the effects of massage therapy have been proven scientifically in recent years? This page will discuss the effects massage therapy can have on one's health.

Curing Fatigue

When one thinks of massage, one of the first things that comes to mind is curing fatigue. In fact, it's probably the primary reason massage therapy is used. Massage therapy involves manipulating muscles in a manner using acupressure so it has a direct effect on physical fatigue.

Mitochondrial muscle energy output increases while chronic fatigue decreases under the effects of massage therapy and this has been proven scientifically. and the fatigue recovery effect of massage is also clear from a scientific point of view.

Improving Circulation

By relaxing hardened muscles with massage, they can become more flexible. Blood circulation also improves and with such improvement comes benefits such as relief of stiffness in the shoulder and neck, help with headaches, hypertension, and more.

A popular massage among women is the lymphatic massage, which improves the flow of lymph and eliminates swelling. This can in turn help with diet and anti-aging.

Mental Benefits

Under the relaxation of massage, one can feel a soothing sensation which has a positive impact on one's mental health as well.

As one feels stress, one's nerves operate more tensely which will have a negative effect on health in the long term. With massage therapy, such irritability and anxiety will be relieved. Best of all, one will be able to sleep better at night, too.

Stress Relief

In our bodies, autonomic nerves, hormones, and immunity all have an impact on each other, though use of massage therapy can help restore the balance of these three things.

There is a hormone called colzotile and it is one of the hormones that causes stress. This in turn can increase the chance of diabetes and stomach ulcers.

Experimental research has reported that this hormone decreased when receiving massage therapy. There have also been reports of an increase in white blood cells, which are the main source of immunity in the body, which in turn makes the body less prone to colds and other diseases.





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