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The Superfood Matcha

In Japan, a popular superfood is matcha. Sightseers often get matcha products or even matcha blends as souvenirs, be them food or drinks. The so-called "matcha boom" has given matcha a global presence. This article will discuss matcha as well as its health and nutrition benefits.

History of Matcha

It's said that during the Kamakura period that a method of stirring tea powder in hot water from China was discovered. Later on, Sen no Rikyu (the most influential figure in the way of tea), developed a new form of tea ceremony which led to the present day tea ceremony.

In modern times, there are lots of matcha cafes around the world and it's loved by many.

Rich in Nutrients

Matcha has an elegant, but slight bitterness to it. Matcha also contains catechins. Catechins are excellent as they can improve antioxidant activity, metabolism, and can suppress active oxygen. Also included is saponin, which is good for boosting immunity, blood circulation, and restoring fatigue, a lot of potassium, which is good for detox, and lastly a lot of vitamin C.

Matcha also has caffeine, so it's a good idea to have it at breakfast.

Matcha Gives the Full Tea Experience

Sencha, another type of tea, is decocted in hot water and drunk. Using this method, it may not be possible to get the full nutritional value of the tea. Conversely, matcha is made using ground up tea leaves and one will get the full nutrtional value of the tea. The flavor, color, and taste are what gives matcha its charm.

Matcha Goes Great in Sweets

Some people might not care for the bitter taste matcha has to offer, but in recent years it's been adapted for use in various sweet products and has been getting increasingly popular.

Some popular sweet choices include: chocolate, pudding, ice cream, lattes, cookies, pound cake, and more. The light green color can give it a certain elegance and the scent can stimulate one's appetite.

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