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Oils Used in Spas

At Royal Kaila Spa, we use Aveda brand products loved by women all over the world for our treatments. In this article, you can learn more about the aroma oils used in our treatments

Lavender Composition Oil

Multipurpose for not only body care, but also scalp care and as a bath oil. Scientifically proven to help relieve stress and relax. Ingredients include organically-certified lavender, clary sage, and other essential oils.

Rosemary Mint Composition

Multipurpose oil that can be used on the whole body and heals with its refreshing aroma blend, which contains organically-certified rosemary and plant essences such as peppermint.

Chakra Balancing Mist Series

In India, it's said that beauty and health can be obtained by balancing the seven energy points "chakra" in the human body. As such, Aveda's developed aromatic mist based on this concept. Find the aroma that stimulates you.

Chakra Balancing Mist 1
The first chakra is called "root chakra" and it stabilizes the foundation. Stabilization and peace of mind can be obtained by using the mist contained in plant essences such as olivanum, vetiver and so on.

Chakra Balancing Mist 2
The second chakra is called "Seikurakakura". It's located under the belly button and controls one's life force. The balancing mist blended with sandalwood, organic certified oranges, geraniums and other essences creates a passion for life.

Chakra Balancing Mist 3
The "Solar plexus chakra" is located in the center of the body and is the third chakra. It relates to self-establishment and will. This organic mist will give you a stronger will to achieve your goals. It contains lavender, balsam smear, lemon, and more.

Chakra Balancing Mist 4
The fourth chakra is the "heart chakra", which controls love and harmony. As the name implies, it's in the heart. Using the mist will allow you to better accept yourself for who you are and develop a better appreciation for others. Contains sandalwood, palmorosa, and other plant essences.

Chakra Balancing Mist 5
The fifth chakra is the "throat chakra" and is in the center part of the base of the neck. It controls one's expression of feelings. Communicate better with others using this balancing mist. Contains grapefruit, rosemary, ylang ylang, and other plant essences.

Chakra Balancing Mist 6
The sixth chakra is the "brow chakra" and is in the middle of the eyebrows. It's also known as the "third eye" and controls intuition and inspiration. Sharpen your insight with this balancing mist. Contains petit grain and plant essences such as geranium.

Chakra Balancing Mist 7
The seventh chakra is the "crown chakra" and is on top of the head. It the chakra that connects to the universe. Helps yourself connect with spiritual consciousness with this balancing mist. Contains olibanam and elemi.

Beautifying Composition Oil

Has a wonderful fragrance and is a highly versatile oil with excellent moisturizing properties to help condition your skin. Contains organically-certified rosemary and bergamo blended plant essences. Provides a high relaxing effect.

Shampoo Composition Oil

A great multi-moisturizer for use after showering/bathing. This aromatic blend is made from 25 different plant essences including organically-certified lavender, ylang ylang, and petit grain.





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