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Vitamins & Caring For Your Skin

At Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, we offer a wide variety of skin treatments to help you care for your skin and get you looking great. However, did you know that another crucial part of skin care is in vitamins? In this page, we'll take a closer look at the positive effect vitamins can have on the skin.

Anti-wrinkling and blemishing

Wrinkles on the face are a sign of age. The main cause of wrinkles is a lack of skin moisture. As we age, the skin has less moisture and thus, wrinkles easier. It's also said that people who express themselves wrinkle even easier as the skin is constantly repeating the same positions.

Another concern is skin blemishing. Exposure to ultraviolet rays cause sunburn, which in turn can cause blemishes over time.

The solution to all this is vitamin C. It contains collagen and strengthens important areas such as blood vessels, skin, bones, and improves the immune system. Regularly eating fruits and other foods rich in vitamin C can play a role in effectively improving wrinkles and blemishes.

Food rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C is best found in fruits and vegetables. However, there is a tendency for it to dissolve easily in water and fade in heat. Foods stores in the refrigerator for some time can also lose their vitamin C quantity. The best way to get the most vitamin C is to eat fresh, eat raw, and with little to no water.

Vegetables rich in vitamin C
(amount per 100 grams)

  • Red peppers170mg
  • Yellow peppers150mg
  • Parsley120mg
  • Kale81mg
  • Potatoes35mg
  • Sweet potatoes29mg

Fruits rich in vitamin C
(amount per 100 grams)

  • Aceloras (Barbados cherries)1,700mg
  • Guavas220mg
  • Kiwis69mg
  • Strawberries62mg
  • Papayas50mg
  • Lemons50mg
  • Bananas16mg

Effective ingestion methods

When vitamin C is ingested along with protein, the body is more efficiently able to synthesize collagen, which in turn produces stronger bones, mucus membranes, muscles, and has a very positive effect on your skin.

A salad with paprika (rich in vitamin C) with some quality chicken and using an almond dressing (rich in vitamin E) and adding vegetables (more vitamin C) is a great choice. Vitamin E is able to prevent the oxidation of cells in the body. Nuts are also rich in nutrients and are great for snacking.





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